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Sword Dance - Pipe Major James Patterson - Sword Dance / Highland Reel (Shellac)

8 thoughts on “ Sword Dance - Pipe Major James Patterson - Sword Dance / Highland Reel (Shellac)

  1. Highland Dance History HIGHLAND FLING: A war dance that was originally danced upon a shield called a Targe, with a spike in the middle of it. The fling is a stationary dance that shows the talent of the dancer because of the quickness of the dance and the complexity of the steps. It is danced on the ball of the foot, because of the spike.
  2. The Highland Fling dance was created sometime during the s in the Scottish Highlands (Scotland). It is considered a war dance as the dancers were originally military men. The dance is tailored after the Ghillie Challum Sword Dance after victory. It was originally danced by males on a Targe (small round Shield with a center spike).
  3. Fochabers, Scotland - May 21, Two Highland Dancers performing a traditional Sword Dance during the Highland Games at Gordon Castle near Fochaber Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 30th Aug, Riley Chapman performs the sword dance in competition during the Calgary Highland Games, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Saturday Aug. 30,
  4. The Sword Dance (Ghillie Callum) There is no Highland Dance older or better known than the Sword Dance, or Ghillie Callum. The Sword Dance is the ancient dance of war of the Scottish Gael and is said to date back to King Malcolm Canmore (Shakespear’s MacBeth). Tradition says the original Ghillie Callum was a Celtic prince who was a hero of.
  5. Sword dance, folk dance performed with swords or swordlike objects, displaying themes such as human and animal sacrifice for fertility, battle mime, and defense against evil spirits. There are several types. In linked-sword, or hilt-and-point, dances, performers hold the hilt of their own sword and the point of the sword of the dancer behind them, the group forming intricate, usually circular.
  6. Check out Swords Dance Pokémon Sword & Shield data, Attack Name: Battle Type: Category: Swords Dance つるぎのまい Power Points: Base Power: Accuracy: 20 0 0 Battle Effect: A frenetic dance to uplift the fighting spirit. This sharply raises the user's Attack stat. Secondary Effect.
  7. Apr 1, - Photos of dances happening in patterns over objects. See more ideas about Dance, Sword dance and Scottish highland dance pins.
  8. Apr 26,  · Male Highland Dancers doing Sword Dance. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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